Nebraska Children has many investments in the Omaha metro, including early childhood education, support for afterschool and summer learning opportunities, and Project Everlast Omaha, which supports young people as they transition from foster care to adulthood. Nebraska Children is leading a collaboration to build a community-based child abuse prevention systems that keeps kids safe and provides at-risk families the supports they need to stay out of crisis.
Nebraska Childlren's Project Everlast initiative focuses on providing young people with the housing, transportation, employment training and education that they need to successfully transition to adulthood.

The video is Akeeme's story. Akeeme lives in Omaha and has been involved with Project Everlast since he was 18. Thanks to the mentoring, peer-to-peer networking, training and services he received, he's now employed, working toward his education and moving toward a successful adulthood:

Before Project Everlast, the duplication of services meant that multiple organizations were serving the same 60 young people over and over again. Now, with Project Everlast in place, the coordinated efforts of service providers provide services to nearly 600 young people.

Reducing the risk
At Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, we invest in children from birth to young adulthood with initiatives that are focused on preventing multiple adverse childhood experiences. By working with our community partners to understand the risks facing children at every stage of their development, we can identify the most effective avenues to create positive change.

Funds raised through Omaha Gives will be used to support Nebraska Children's work with older youth as well as other Omaha initiatives and operations.