The Chrysalides Project

The Chrysalides Project is a life skills training program designed to educate, empower, and develop preteen and teen girls into effective and influential women within their communities.  Our program's objective is to provide guidance and support to adolescent girls as they navigate through the challenges they may face as teens.

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Address: 14853 Himebaugh Circle
Omaha, NE 68116
The Chrysalides Project offers a unique, well-rounded curriculum to address the many needs of our participants.
The classes address the following topics:

Personal Appearance
Etiquette and Manners
Effective Communication
Nutrition and Fitness
Personal Hygiene
STD and sexual Awareness
Time Management
Effective Communication
The Importance of Education
Finances and Budgeting
Drug and Alcohol Awareness

All of the girls who complete the program receive ongoing support with monthly sessions and outings, and volunteer opportunities.

We hold a 12-week evening class for our teenage girls and we have completed 11-week programs at King Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Benson West, Alice Buffett Middle School, and the Douglas County Juvenile Assessment Center.

Our 44-page Activity Packet has been designed to link toward the public school curriculum. It correlates in the areas of Reading and Writing. In reading, the curriculum consist of compare and contrast activities, vocabulary terms, higher-level thinking questions, summarizing activities, and standard comprehension questions. In writing, there is a persuasive narrative essay activity and each lesson contains short answer questions.
The students who participated have given fabulous feedback regarding the program. Students stated the following about the program:

"It teaches us life lesson(s)."

"I think the program has helped my behavior and decision making. Mrs. Ballard has taught us about healthy and unhealthy things. I really hope we can do the program next year."

"This program helps me a lot. It helps me with things like behavior and controlling my anger. Also with abstinence and staying away from drugs and deadly things. Other things it helps with is decision making and management."

"I feel the program has helped with attitude change. Mrs. Ballard is a really good teacher. She taught us all about life."

"I feel the program has helped me with feeling more mature and helped me feel better about myself. It helps me how to learn how to handle situations. It showed me how to look at different people the right ways. It has also helped my behavior by telling me how to act in certain places."