Arts in Motion

Arts in Motion's mission is to use art to strengthen communities by empowering individuals to break down cultural barriers and improve critical thinking and communication skills. Since 2006 Arts in Motion has offered a program called Dancing Classrooms to school students in the Omaha area. Dancing Classrooms is an internationally recognized ballroom dance method for children, designed to build respect, confidence, social skills, and a love for the arts amongst diverse classmates.

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Address: 1111 N 13th Street Suite 140
Omaha, NE 68102
During the 2016-2017 school year, Arts in Motion brought Dancing Classrooms to over 2000 students in more than 30 schools in the Omaha metro area.

Arts in Motion also offers Saturday dance classes for graduates of the Dancing Classrooms program.
"I am in awe of the transformation I saw over the course of nine weeks."
School Principal

"Our fifth graders are very kind to each other and they also continue to use elegance and great manners with each other. We are a school family."
--School Principal

"Many of us didn't have a special bond with each other until Dancing Classrooms. When you try something new it could be the best thing you ever did."
--5th grade student

"I still don't like to be touched but I am working on it. Now that I apply myself I'm a great dancer! Everyone gives me compliments. I actually like Dancing Classrooms. In fact, I really like it! Now I show respect to others way more than I did at the beginning. Dancing Classrooms has made me more respectful."
--5th grade student

"Holding a boy's hand wasn't really so bad after all."
--5th grade student