At Release Ministries we partner with individuals, churches, and businesses who are concerned how the combination of poverty, violence, and the breakdown of the family are creating an ever-growing population of high-risk youth trapped in the juvenile justice system. Our staff and volunteers enter in the lives of these youth -- developing trust and showing them a way out. Together we experience amazing life change through the power of a relationship with a loving God and safe, caring adults.

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Address: 3223 North 45th Street
Omaha, NE 68104
Release Ministries offers four distinct opportunities for youth to experience life change.
1) Incarceration -- full-time chaplain and volunteers work with incarcerated youth
2) Mentoring -- volunteer mentors to both incarcerated youth & high risk youth in the community
3) Residential Care -- Three group homes to provide a safe environment for life change
4) In-Home Services -- Helping families stay together and re-unite.