Lane Thomas Graves

For Matt and Melissa Graves, supporting families suffering through tragedy is everything. After the sudden and traumatic loss of their precious son, Lane Thomas Graves, at 2 years, 9 months and 11 days in June of 2016, their focus quickly became finding a way to honor Lane and to support families the way others have supported them. It was in these darkest of moments, The Lane Thomas Foundation was born. The foundation was named Lane Thomas because if Lane was ever asked his name, he would say, "I'm Lane Thomas, I'm two". Lane was a beaming, spirited, and loving child who cared for his family deeply and creating The Lane Thomas Foundation is the best way to pass on the legacy he left on this world. Together with their daughter, Ella, Matt and Melissa have created The Lane Thomas Foundation to serve as a beacon of hope in the depths of despair, to create a strong base of support for families in crisis. The Graves family understand the importance of community support and the kindness of strangers when it is critical and The Lane Thomas Foundation is committed to standing behind those who need it the most.


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Goal: $100,000.00
Raised: $88,916.20