Legal Aid of Nebraska makes justice happen for low-income Nebraskans. As the only statewide civil legal aid provider, almost 300,000 Nebraskans are eligible for our services. We provide disadvantaged individuals with the same legal advice and representation that more fortunate people take for granted, benefiting the community long-term. We tackle inequality and increase opportunity for Nebraskans by helping clients navigate their way through a complex and often intimidating legal system.

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Address: 209 S. 19th Street, Ste. 200
Omaha, NE 68102
A level playing field is absolutely essential to the American system of justice. To help accomplish this, Legal Aid provides a full range of civil legal services, from brief advice and counsel, to assistance with self-representation, to direct representation in legal forums large and small. We make justice happen for thousands of low-income Nebraskans, and achieve outcomes that help them address the causes and effects of their poverty. Without Legal Aid, justice would truly be denied for those who need it most.
We love to receive notes from clients who we've helped!

One such client was facing an unlawful eviction, and a Legal Aid attorney helped her avoid eviction and stay in her home. The client wrote a wonderful note to our office after her case was closed: "I would not have made it through this nightmare without your help. Legal Aid is a bright shining star in the dark void of injustice for the low-income. Thank God for you folks."

Other testimonies from our Facebook page:
"Thank you so much Legal Aid! I got my disability after only 5 months! The quality of my life is changing now because of you. Thank you so much! Great Job!! Cheree, Teresa, and Iris!! Great team!!!"

"If it's still anything like it was when my mother worked for them many years ago. Then it's still the best place to go for legal help."