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Live Well Omaha leads a coalition of organizations that are committed to prioritizing and improving conditions that impact the health of our community. We envision that our community is the healthiest place because each of us has an equitable opportunity to live well. Live Well Omaha communicates the business case for health to bring diverse stakeholders together to advocate for policy, systems and environmental change to eliminate health disparities.

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Address: PO Box 31518
Omaha, NE 68131
Live Well Omaha's work is to connect multi-sector members and partners, share a compelling story about why health matters and to rally the coalition to take collective action. No one organization can accomplish the policy, systems and environmental change alone. In order to impact large-scale change, organizations must work together.

Leveraging our legacy of impactful public/private partnerships, Live Well Omaha, along with our community partner, Douglas County Health Department, is taking the leadership role in our community's journey to become an Accountable Health Community. As an Accountable Health Community, we are committed to building a coalition that can successfully address all the factors that directly influence individual health and ability to thrive, starting with:

Access to healthy foods
Access to preventive care
Healthy housing
Safe communities

Live Well Omaha is also the home for Live Well Omaha Kids, a coalition working collaboratively to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in Greater Omaha by creating healthy environments for all children and families. Strategies used are advocacy, education, policy development, and environment change

These impactful investments help the community move the needle to improve the health of residents and create a culture of health in Omaha. Your gift can enhance their current status and help us truly impact the health disparities that impact our community.
Achieving Health for All - by Drs. Ali Khan, Adi Pour, and Joann Schaefer

Omaha is at a tipping point for health. Instead of conducting work as usual, we need to think differently about all the living conditions (housing, education, neighborhood safety, food access, and social connectedness, etc.) that have an impact on health.

Then we must link arms with landlords, grocers, transportation and other nontraditional partners to create a road map that leads to measurable improvements in the quality of life and longevity of life of our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers across the metro area.

Live Well Omaha, WELLCOM, the Douglas County Health Department, health systems and insurance companies and many other organizations are on this journey together. After 20 years of work, it's time to reset the stage and challenge the status quo.


Healthy Changes, Healthy Conversations are Part of the Fontenelle Culture

"We have to help the whole child to get them to learn academically," says an Omaha Public Schools elementary principal. "That means looking for different ways to help our children, especially those who live in poverty areas."

His school has made what he calls "a big push" for wellness, thanks to support from
Partners for Healthy Schools, local corporations and organizations, and federal programs. At Fontenelle, wellness starts with giving every child the opportunity to have breakfast.

The school offers a "grab-and-go" program that serves 500 students in 15 minutes.

When the bell rings at 8:40, kids take their chosen bag - either a hot or cold healthy meal - to eat in their classroom. Not only does the arrangement move people efficiently through the cafeteria, the program is making an impact.

"Teachers and staff see the difference in kids when their survival needs and met and they feel better about the day," says the principal. "The program has been a big eye-opener."