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Maha has created unforgettable experiences for residents and visitors in the Omaha metro area since 2009. We push beyond a traditional music festival, attracting fans from all over the country while celebrating the local community. Our work highlights this region as the premier place to put down roots and grow.

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Address: 725 N 14th St
Omaha, NE 68102
What's New in 2018
Thanks in part to 2017's Omaha Gives! donations, the 10th annual Maha Music Festival will now take place over two days, with the lineup showcasing a mix of emerging local artists and big national acts. In addition, the Big Omaha conference, also celebrating its 10th event, is now part of the Maha experience. The conference encourages entrepreneurial spirit at all levels - from current business owners to those looking to get an idea off the ground - and serves as a source of inspiration and resources for those entrepreneurs.

To date, Maha Music Festival and Big Omaha have welcomed thousands of out-of-town participants from all 50 states and multiple countries. These events are powered by more than 700 volunteers (more than ever before), the support of our amazing sponsors, and the generosity of our donors.

Why Should I Donate to Maha?
As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Maha provides a platform for individuals to get involved and make a difference for the causes they care about year-round. We are proud to "share the stage" with a number of community partners, including the fellow local nonprofits that participate in our annual Community Village. This year, we will continue to raise awareness of mental illness and the importance of hope, along with our partner on that effort, The Kim Foundation.

When you give to Maha, you're supporting an organization focused on bringing together dynamic cultural aspects unique to our community into a collective event. You're backing the creation of a world-class experience in our backyard at a sustainable, accessible cost. You're helping highlight Omaha on a national stage as one of the best places to live and work.
"Thank you for putting on this great event. My wife and I moved from Omaha a couple years ago to Minnesota, but still use Maha as our excuse to come back and see friends. I love everything Maha stands for and is all about." -Maha Attendee, 2016

"It was my first time in Omaha, and that festival left me with such a high opinion of the people there. I will definitely make a strong effort to attend again in the future and bring friends." -Maha Attendee, 2017

"I loved how positive Maha was. You could feel the community love, and that was wonderful." -Maha Attendee, 2017

"[...] Maha has achieved big league festival status." -Kevin Coffey, Omaha World-Herald

"I love being part of the Maha Family." -Maha Volunteer, 2017

"Weitz Investment Management began supporting Maha in the very first year. I was really intrigued by the idea of having a local music festival, and having an organization that was working to support other community organizations… It's a different crowd than other things that Weitz typically supports, so I think it's great that it reaches a broader audience." -Katie Weitz, Weitz Investment Management

"Maha is a chance to bring music to Omaha, not as a fad or in a hokey, cliched Midwestern way, but in a way that makes the city vital and relevant." -Maha Music Festival Board Member