Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in January 2012. Our focus areas include: Green Watts for Good - A new initiative; Nebraska Solar Schools; Community & Rooftop Solar; Providing renewable energy news and resources at all our events, on our website and Facebook page and through our electronic newsletters; Sponsoring and co-sponsoring with allied organizations an ongoing series of free educational community events for all ages.

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Address: 5016 Parker Street
Omaha, NE 68104
The above photo shows one of 4 solar hot water systems installed on Habitat for Humanity homes that were the result of a previous successful fundraising. Imagine the home with a 4-kilowatt PV system (12 solar panels), which we now seek to install on similar-size homes in partnership with nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, through contributions to our new initiative: Green Watts for Good.

Nebraskans for Solar Is Now Launching Green Watts for Good!

Our goal is to establish a revolving account to install solar PV systems on homes in an effort to provide clean, abundant green energy. We will partner with local nonprofits, like Habitat for Humanity of Omaha and others, to not only protect our environment, but also to save families money through solar systems.

Green Watts for Good Fundraiser:

• Contributions will be deposited in the Nebraskans for Solar Fund at Metro Federal Credit Union.
• We are raising funds for 4-kilowatt PV systems: $6,500 per system. The solar panels come with the manufacturer's warranty to last 25 years.
• Nebraskans for Solar Board Members, who include three solar professionals and four who have rooftop solar, will install a 4-kilowatt PV system as a demonstration home for our partnering nonprofit and our community.

Ways You Can Get Involved in Green Watts for Good:

• Learn more about Green Watts for Good at Earth Day celebrations and at all our community and fundraising events thereafter, on our website and Facebook page and through our newsletters.
• Join us for a post-installation party at the solar-powered demonstration home! All Green Watts for Good contributors will receive an invitation. Refreshments will be served, and you will have your choice of a "thank you" gift compliments of Nebraskans for Solar.
• Please make a tax-deductible donation to Nebraskans for Solar and help us create Green Watts for Good!

Thank you from all of us at Nebraskans for Solar.