IT'S OUR 60th ANNIVERSARY SEASON! HELP US CELEBRATE! The Omaha Area Youth Orchestras inspire and educate young musicians by providing a rigorous and enlightening orchestral experience. OAYO is the only ensemble-based music education program of its kind. Including over 21 school districts & home-schoolers, OAYO runs comprehensive, tiered programming for orchestral and chamber music education.

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Address: 1905 Harney Street, Suite 630
Omaha, NE 68102
One in three musicians receive need-based tuition support. We serve as an inter-connected part of a foundational circle of schools, music educators and professional musicians.

OAYO provides the only music education program of its kind in the area. The six orchestras and numerous chamber music ensembles provide high-level musical instruction and performance opportunities including concerts, outreach events and retreats.

We create a musical community that fosters artistry and friendship in an environment that promotes discipline, cooperation and leadership.

Orchestral music is the ideal tool for teaching Civic Engagement...Our Communities...Our Music...Our Future.

"I learned through my experience playing in OAYO and other ensembles that being involved in music keeps one involved in the community, and brings together all different types of people to create beautiful works of art. I think that playing in a musical ensemble makes an entire group of people equal and removes everyone participating from any predispositions about whom they might be. Playing music creates an environment of absolute equality…"
P.N., Trumpet, OAYO and Central High School Alumni, 2014

A.C., Age 11, Bass, Youth Debut Orchestra: "OAYO helped me learn my notes more. It gave me confidence to help my classmates learn their notes."

M.A., Age 11, Violin II, Youth Concert Strings: "My favorite thing about OAYO last year was the music…we play music that make me try harder and makes me more persistent."

A. S-W., Age 9, Cello, Youth Concert Strings: "I enjoyed Prelude Strings because I made lots of friends. There was a girl I went to school with and I didn't make friends with her until OAYO."

H.R., Age 12, Violin, Youth Debut Orchestra: "…it inspires me to be adventurous and let me both play and experience music I didn't think I could ever do. I learned to soar, I learned to be challenged and cope with it…Orchestra has changed my life."