With a mission to improve homeownership opportunities enabling low- and moderate-income borrowers to own and sustain their homes, Omaha 100 makes a difference in improving assets in underserved communities by helping people acquire the asset of home ownership.

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Address: 2401 Lake Street suite 130
Omaha, NE 68111
The Facts

In 2016, Omaha 100…
• processed 144 mortgage loan applications
• financed homeownership opportunities for 30 families
• provided $1M in down payment assistance
• financed homes with a total value of $1.86M
• assisted 13 homeowners to improve their financial position & affordability through loan modifications

To Date, Omaha 100…
• created over 1,000 home ownership opportunities
• funded over $54M in mortgage loans
• provided over $27M in down payment assist