Omaha by Design

An urban design nonprofit that works to improve the physical places in our city - where we live, work, learn, shop, worship, exercise and play. We're helping to build a community that makes a high quality of life accessible to all. Omaha by Design uses urban design principles as tools to address the issues of revitalization, development, environmental sustainability and mobility while encouraging the creation of engaging and attractive places.

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Address: 618 South 11th Street
Omaha, NE 68102
We facilitate planning and outreach, convene stakeholders and share current best practices from around the world. Omaha by Design educates all those we come in contact with through our work.

Scholars tell us that the place we live shapes who we are as people and how we relate to the world, but the converse is also true. We have the capacity to shape the places we live, and Omaha by Design seeks to enhance that capacity.
"Omaha by Design serves the community by educating the public about the importance of aesthetics in the built environment and the need for environmental protection as it relates to our quality of life and economic development. We collaborate with stakeholders and partners in the private, public and philanthropic sectors to achieve our goals. We have led the way in the creation of innovative public policy related to urban design and the environment, and we continue to work to insure that these policies are being implemented effectively."

Mike McMeekin
Chairman, Lamp Rynearson & Associates
Chairman, Omaha by Design Board of Directors