Prairie STEM is passionate about science, technology, engineering and math learning. It provides experiential opportunities for students and teachers kindergarten through 12th grade. We can be found in school settings as well as community endeavors empowering students to shape their future.

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Address: 7101 Mercy Rd Suite 210
Omaha, NE 68106
This school year, we have impacted over 2500 students in the Omaha area. Your financial support will allow us to expand our community outreach even more. Currently, we are at three Omaha Public Schools inspiring over 1200 students to apply their STEM learning while they think critically, fail, and try again.

You can find Prairie STEM networking in the community. With support from our "Have Robot, will Travel" program, we have presented learning sessions at Tech Savvy, Nebraska Sci-Fest, and participated in elementary STEM Nights. We also have classes at MCC@DoSpace and NorthStar.

Prairie STEM helps support the Nebraska Robotics Expo by providing student incentives, a hands-on booth, and help coordinate volunteers. The 2017 event had 96 teams from 26 schools and 350 students competing in STEAM critical thinking and teamwork challenges.
You guys have made this so "doable" for someone like me who has little experience with robots (or even electricity) and who works with young children. You put a lot of your time, talent, and effort into this and I want you to know it has made a difference for so many of the children I've worked with. Keep up the good work!
- - - Nebraska Robotics Expo Participating Teacher

"One of my behaviorally challenged children intentionally failed her reading test. Today as they were doing their sight words activity with the CEENBoTs she has read each word correctly. I also assessed two other students during this activity. Using the CEENBoTs will allow me to assess students in ways I wouldn't typically do - I think this is great!"
- - - Kindergarten Teacher

"The lesson today tied in perfectly with my lessons on force, gravity, speed, direction, and gravity."
- - - 2nd Grade Teacher

Student Responses:
"Can we skip recess?"
"Look I did that - it was so fun."
"Can we do this everyday?"