Promiseship (the new Nebraska Families Collaborative) works with thousands of at-risk children and families each year by providing case management services in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. We are dedicated to helping families be families.

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Address: 2110 Papillion Parkway
Omaha, NE 68164
Who We Are:
PromiseShip is contracted by the State of Nebraska to provide case management and service coordination for children and families involved in the child welfare system in Douglas and Sarpy Counties, working with approximately 5,500 children and families each year. PromiseShip tirelessly spans boundaries bringing powerful partners together to provide innovative solutions that transform life's uncertainty into family well-being.

What We Do:
The majority of children who come into the child welfare system do so because of neglect, not abuse. Once children and their families are referred to us from the state (DHHS), we focus on safely keeping children with their families, safely reunifying children with their families, or finding new adoptive families for children when the first two options aren't possible. We focus on Family Finding efforts to help identify and locate relatives who could provide emotional support, care, and possible long-term permanency for children in foster care. We also provide Prevention services for individuals and families after their case closes to ensure they continue living safe and healthy lives.

How You Can Help:
With your help, we can give these children and families the tools, support and hope to be successful. Your donation - big or small - will have a very real impact on local children, youth and families who need it most.
"PromiseShip is wonderful. It strengthened me to be a better mother to my children."
- DeShawn, mother reunified with her children

"PromiseShip has good people who work hard and care deeply. Skye's caseworker did everything she could to improve the lives of these kids. She was in it for the long haul."
- Terry, Skye's adoptive father

"It's just reassuring to know that there's someone I can call at any time when I need advice. That peace of mind is priceless."
- Emily, mother working with PromiseShip

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