At Midlands Humane Society, we believe every animal has the right to good food, a warm bed, the medical care they need and unconditional love. Through adoption services, education and advocacy, we fulfill our mission to protect and nurture companion animals and enrich the lives of people who love them. We celebrate the bonds between people and pets and promote responsible pet ownership.

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Address: 1020 Railroad Avenue
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
We accept any animal (within a geographical region) that comes through our doors for any reason. Some have simply been lost from their families and need help finding their way home. Others are unwanted and need a soft bed and loving care while we find them a new family. Sometimes these animals are sick or injured and need costly medical care. Others are healthy, but need vaccinations and to be spayed or neutered before they can be adopted.
At Midlands Humane Society, we believe that sickness or injury should not get in the way of an animal finding a family of their own. Whenever possible, we get animals the care they need to free them from pain and illness and to be adoptable. We rely on the generosity of donors to make this happen.
$13 provides a day of care for an animal at MHS. A $20 donation buys formula for orphaned puppies or kittens. No matter the size, your donation will help us care for animals that desperately need it.
From Rudy (MHS Ambassador dog): I was found by Council Bluffs Police in a park on Christmas Day. Animal Control Officers took me to MHS and everyone there was so nice. They took great care of me and now I have a whole new life. I love my new family and have so much fun representing MHS as their first ambassador. Now I'm going to get a prosthetic leg to help me move better and live a longer life - which is great because I'm basically living in paradise!

From Melanie (donor): "The Midlands Humane Society was able to help us when we found a small stray cat out in the cold. We called several other shelters but none of them could help us. I'm glad we found you guys to help us find a home for a cat that otherwise had no chance."

From Ashlie (adopted a dog, Titan, from MHS): "… he is very spoiled and loved. He has is first road trip tonight he's loving his fur-ever home ....thanks MHS for letting us take such an amazing dog and turning him into family."

From Amanda (adopted a dog, Ronnie, from MHS): "You guys have made our family so completely happy!!!! Ronnie is such a joy and a wonderful addition to our family"

From Bobbi (volunteer, donor, adopter): "Thank you to all the staff at Midlands Humane Society for making this adoption possible and the process such a pleasant one. This little girl has already brought such joy to our family. Love her bunches!"