New Century Art Guild

New Century Art Guild is a non-profit arts organization co-founded by veterans and artists that was established to transform veterans' lives through the power of art. Our organization offers valuable resources for veterans just looking for a little relaxation, to those seeking a new career in the arts. We have the combined experience and resources to assist veterans making the transition into the mindset, or career, that they want. We work throughout Omaha, Bellevue and across Western Iowa.

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Address: 117 Main St.
Kimballton, IA 51543

Our primary goal is to use the expressive and healing powers of art making with veterans and their family members, and ultimately transform their lives through the power of art.
In addition to therapeutic art making, NCAG also provides training in art and business-of-art education to motivated military veteran artists in order that they may successfully pursue new careers in the fine arts as artists, teachers, or administrators as they reintegrate into civilian society. As veteran participants gain skills in their selected medias, their comfort level and competencies increase and they can, themselves, become instructors in the various groups and VXP workshops that NCAG manages.

NCAG's Vet-X-Press Creativity Workshop Series:

In our "Vet-X-Press" (VXP) creative workshop series, veterans and their family members have an opportunity to unburden mental strain in the form of self-expressed artwork created in an environment that promotes healing and relaxation. Participants use a different artistic media each session, including visual art, writing, music and acting. All experience levels are welcome and no previous experience is required. Workshop series are always free to veterans and their family members.


Clinical studies indicate that the creative process of making art, music and writing have tremendous potential for positive cognitive involvement, thus reducing the symptoms of PTSD and anxiety that is exacerbated by isolation. The free-exercise of creativity in these workshops boosts self-awareness, promotes stress-reduction and social bonding, and improves the ability to network professionally. VXP workshops create situations where veterans have an opportunity to unburden mental strain in the form of self-expressed artwork created in an environment that promotes healing and relaxation.

At the most basic level, NCAG provides free art classes to veterans and their families at the Participant Level to educate them in the fine arts and introduce them to the techniques used in various artistic mediums, while simultaneously reducing the internal stresses inherent to PTSD. Classes, as always, are free to the participants and are held in a variety of venues, that include: retirement homes, nearby college campuses, special needs organizations (Santa's Workshop), Douglas County Dept. of Corrections(Veterans' Wing), National Guard Armories (Yellow Ribbon activities), Army One Source job fairs/Veteran's Appreciation Days, Air Force Wounded Warrior Job Fairs, and VA art classes.

If the veteran artist's skills reach a commercially viable level in the art world, NCAG considers them to be part of the Professional Level. NCAG provides these veteran artists with gallery space in which to exhibit and sell their works in solo and group exhibitions with 100% of their sales going to the veteran-artists themselves. NCAG will also provide promotion and business guidance to assist their professional studio development and formation their own companies, if they so desire.

The NCAG model has been validated in several communities and has been vetted by the Better Business Bureau, certified as meeting every requirement in all 20 areas of examination, and been awarded the Accredited Charity ® logo ( NCAG's 501(c)(3) and BBB accreditation that are nationally recognized in all 50 states
"The VXP workshops help build camaraderie between Veterans, help bring family members out of isolation when feeling like they were supporting their Veteran alone, and also provide a new means of occupational therapy. In some cases, participants were able to learn how to bring their talent for the arts into a lucrative business for themselves. They also provide a bridge to the community in bringing Veterans and their loved ones together with those in the community at large for a better understanding of the Veteran experience. Art can reach people in a way that sometimes no other means of expression can."

-- Sharon Robino-West, USMC Veteran

"Art is a powerful force. It has the ability to tell stories and to express deep emotions; it has the ability to relax the mind and encourage creative problem solving. It is a force perfectly suited to helping veterans and military families in their readjustment to civilian life."

-- Troy J. Muller, NCAG Co-Founder & Instructor