Christians Encounter Christ, Inc. (CEC) is a Nebraska 501c3 nonprofit corporation. As a lay Catholic movement, guided by the Holy Spirit, CEC is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Omaha and helps advance the Pastoral Vision of "One Church: encountering Jesus, equipping disciples, and living mercy."

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Address: P.O. Box 27581
Ralston, NE 68127
COME ENCOUNTER JESUS! CEC is an opportunity for every Catholic or Christian who wishes to strengthen and ignite their faith! CEC is a combined effort of laity and clergy offering a personal encounter with Jesus over a 2 1/2 day weekend experience, beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday night. It is open to persons of all faiths. You are strengthened spiritually as you live and study with priests and laity with talks, discussion, prayer, and song.
CEC allowed me to refocus on what's truly important in life - doing God's will to bring about His Kingdom. It is very challenging to live a faithful lifestyle in today's society where religion (the Catholic faith especially) is often mocked and ridiculed. CEC connected me with a strong group of fellow Catholic men and reminded me who I am and where I came from. CHRIS

I felt the prayers and support from the CEC community. It inspires me to follow my Catholic beliefs more closely. It also inspires me to share and teach what I know and learn with others. I want to promote all Christians to come to CEC and be helped in their journey. Thank you. PHIL

The best experience of my CEC weekend was the personal time to focus on Christ in a great environment. The idea that many men and women cared personally about me lifted me up and gave me some insight. The very engaging talks by all the men on Sunday. JOHN

The talk by Archbishop Lucas of being called by God was spot on! I was overwhelmed by the intense feeling of love and wanted to be right where I was at that time. BILL

I enjoyed this a great deal. I have better understanding of our relationship with God. I have new motivation to practice my faith. MICHAEL

I learned how to gain perspective on my life, and God's will. Greater understanding of God's kingdom and how to move away from the ensnarements of the material world. GREG

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. I met some very nice women and liked the talks. The variety of speakers were great. I loved time away from the rest of the world to focus with like minded women on my faith. TINA

The best part of my CEC weekend was the sharing of personal stories, hearing the priests and lay people talk. JAN

It was all amazing! MARIA

I loved being able to relax and find peace. Everyone served us so well and took good care of us. I was treated like a princess. VICKI

I attended my 1st CEC weekend just a few weeks ago. As I reflect on it now a week later, what I would do to immerse myself back in that environment with all those loving women (on the Women's CEC weekend! I experienced real Jesus moments on my retreat! That's not what my intentions were going into the weekend, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I left there with Jesus alive in my heart!! Who knew that a weekend focused on growing my faith and hearing from other "ordinary" Catholic women like myself, who had "EXTRAORDINARY" love stories about their personal relationship with Jesus could inspire me too! I saw Jesus last weekend! He was in the women's talks, he was in their smiles, and he was in their outpouring of hugs and prayers that they bestowed on me for those 2 days!! JANELLE

I try to make a retreat each year, and went to my CEC weekend not knowing exactly what to expect but trusting that God had a reason for sending me to this one. Did He ever! It was wonderful to meet like-minded people and grow in my love of the Lord. It was great to see so many priests participating also. I met some wonderful people, had fun, learned more about our faith and truly felt loved as a Child of the One True King.

Unlike most retreats, where once the "high" of the weekend wears off and I'm left "wanting" until next time, CEC is still there in the form of Avantis and Prayer Groups, fellowship activities and more CEC weekends. How wonderful to continue this journey and find a place for singles as well as couples to grow in the Lord. TERRI