Everything you need to spread the excitement!

Tips, resources, and rules of the game

These resources are available for any nonprofit, business, or community member who is excited about Omaha Gives! Go for it and spread the word.

>> About Omaha Gives! Handout (PDF)  An overview of the give-together and its prize structure. Refer to it as necessary or print it out and share.
>> Personal Cheer Pages (PDF)  Learn how to raise money for your favorite nonprofit during Omaha Gives!
>> Omaha Gives! Logo (JPG, PNG, EPS, White Version PNG)  Please respect the generosity of our presenting sponsor; the Omaha Gives! logo must include the American National Bank logo. The white version of the logo must be used on a dark background.

>> Social Media Profile Photos (Facebook PNG, PNG2; Twiter PNG, PNG2)  Update your social media profile photos to spread the word.
>> Social Media Cover Images (Facebook PNG, Twitter PNG)  Update your social media cover photos to share the excitement!
>> Social Media Share Graphics (Horizontal PNG, Square PNG)  Use these share graphics in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

>> Pottawattamie Gives! Logo (PNGEPS)  For nonprofits listed on, this logo is for you!
>> Pottawattamie Gives! Social Media Profile Photo (PNG)  Update your social media profile photos to spread the word. 
>> Pottawattamie Gives! Social Media Cover Image (PNG) Update your social media cover photos to share the excitement.

>> Party Time! Images (all PNGs)  Hearts, Balloons, Clocks, Megaphone, Hourglass, Challenge Funds, Award Ribbon, Cheer Page Graphic, Blue Flag, Purple Flag, Red Flag. Use these graphics in your marketing materials and on social media.
>> 2018 Omaha Gives! Poster  (PDF) Hang it around your office and in public spaces around the community. 
>> 2018 Participating Organizations  COMING SOON. A list of all of the participating nonprofits.



>> New Participant Registration  Registration is CLOSED for 2018. We will reopen registration for next year's giving day on January 15, 2019. 
>> Eligibility Requirements (PDF)  Please review the eligibility requirements even if you participated last year.
>> Challenge Funds Form (PDF)  Learn how challenge funds work and download this form to submit online.
>> Nonprofit Marketing Toolkit  (PDF)  Your go-to resource for communication timelines, social media tips, and sample messages to get you started.
>> 2018 Training Schedule  

Monday, March 12, 3-5 pm: CASA Douglas County, 2412 St. Mary's Ave, Omaha, NE

Tuesday, March 13, 8:30-10:30 am; Boys Town South Omaha, 4612 S 25th St, Omaha, NE

Wednesday, March 14, 8:30-10:30 am; Carson Community Center, 316 S Commercial St, Carson, IA

Thursday, March 15, 3-5 pm; Pottawattamie Veteran Affairs, 623 6th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA

Thursday, March 22, 3-5 pm; Boys Town South Omaha, 4612 S 25th St, Omaha, NE

Tuesday, March 27, 8-10 am; Learning Community Center of North Omaha, 1612 N 24th St, Omaha, NE

Monday, April 2, 5-7pm; CASA Douglas County, 2412 St. Mary's Ave, Omaha, NE

>> 2018 Training Presentation  (PDF)  Unable to make it to a training session? No worries—you can download the slides!

>> 2018 Training Worksheet  (PDF)  A worksheet to accompany the Training Presentation. It even includes a handy checklist to guide your Omaha Gives! strategy.

>> Nonprofit Webinar  (VIDEO)   Building a Donor Base Through Omaha Gives!


>> Marketing Toolkit  (PDF)  This resource is a must for businesses that are participating as a group to support a chosen nonprofit (or more!). Download the toolkit for some great tips for engaging your employees, social media, e-newsletter, and blog post samples.