Educate Uganda is a locally run non-profit organization that is dedicated to serve the orphaned children of Uganda. A mission trip that Karen Van Dyke took 11 years ago has turned into a passion to serve and educate Uganda's most vulnerable. 100% of your donation will go to Uganda to improve the lives of children through school fees or school improvements. Thank you for your support!

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Address: 1225 N 136th Ave.
Omaha, NE 68154
Ten years later, Educate Uganda has partnered with 28 primary schools where 1,500 primary students are assisted with their school fees, we have constructed 50 classrooms, 13 pit latrines, 53 teacher housing units, 2 student dormitories and 16 water harvesting systems. Educate Uganda also started a Secondary Sponsorship Program that currently supports over 200 student's school fees at some of Uganda's elite private secondary schools.

Educate Uganda is run on a volunteer basis which allows 100% of all donations to be given to the intended cause. All business expenses incurred to operate Educate Uganda are paid for by board members or a donation was made for that specific cause.

The impact made in Uganda over the past ten years is amazing. The schools are flourishing, the students are healthier and the feeling of hope and achievement has improved!
Fr. Bosco
Fr. John Bosco Wasswa, Pastor of Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Nkokonjeru, Uganda

"When I received my new assignment to Our Lady Queen of Apostles parish, many people were commenting about all the new buildings and the work of a group called Educate Uganda. In fact, many people suggested I was fortunate to be assigned to such a place. The good that Educate Uganda is doing for the schools around Nkokonjeru is so important. The children are attending school in greater numbers, the teachers are receiving assistance and the buildings are beautiful. These are all things that we as a parish or the guardians of the students could not possibly provide. It is my joy to help Educate Uganda and continue to improve the education of the students."