Winter Quarters/Florence Mill

The Florence Mill is Nebraska's oldest business site & only structure linking the 1800's Pioneer Trails with Territorial settlement. By 1998 it was almost lost. Instead, it made a career change from an obsolete mill & elevator into a cultural attraction connecting agriculture, history & art. Today it hosts public events, musical, cultural, historical presentations & plays an important role in the vibrancy of the Florence neighborhood. 2018 is the 20th Anniversary of the mill's rebirth!

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Address: 9102 North 30 Street
Omaha, NE 68112
Nebraska's 1st gristmill evolved from a ruin to ALIVE! It hosts a unique Farmers Market that feels like a Country Fair with educational presenters & animals, music, last-Sunday pony rides & craft-table. Winter Quarters Mill Museum tells of its pioneer founders & grain industry. The ArtLoft once stored grain sacks, but now shows changing art exhibits & the Connor Meigs Art Award recipient. North Hills Pottery Tour is a 2-day October celebration of ceramics. 2018's goal: adding 2 REAL bathrooms under a once-dilapidated cob-shed!
"We love the Florence Mill because it has a GREAT atmosphere! A feeling of a rural setting in the middle of Omaha!" - Sarah N.

"I always enjoy visits to the Florence Mill and the festive atmosphere of the Farmers Market makes the trip even more worthwhile. I enjoy the variety of vendors at the market as well as being able to see the current exhibit at the ArtLoft on the 2nd floor of the Mill." - Gail S.

"We have lived in the area north of The Florence Mill for 17 years. I have seen the Mill convert from a run down, worn out building to a vibrant asset to the Florence / Omaha community. This latest venture for the mill, that is, hosting a farmers' market, is a neat deal for everyone -- the Mill, the vendors and the customers. The market is an opportunity for the Florence and the greater north Omaha area to have access to fresh, locally grown produce." - John G.