Our mission is to showcase the unique heart and soul of the Midwest, collaborate with our community to provide unforgettable experiences, and position the region as the premier place to put roots down and grow.
As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, our focus is on community, not profit. Our annual festival happens because of generous sponsors and partners, passionate volunteers, and you, our beloved audience.

We're proud to "share our stage" with fellow area-based nonprofits on-site in the Community Village and on stage with performances from organizations including Louder Than a Bomb and Omaha Girls Rock. Maha provides a platform for individuals to get involved and make a difference for the causes they care about year-round.

Showcasing emerging local artists and pulling in big national acts, the festival has drawn music fans from 46 states and counting. Our vision is to push beyond the parameters of a traditional music festival and continue to attract fans from all over the country, while celebrating local community. Each year, our lineup draws first-time attendees, but the experience keeps them coming back year after year.
"Tonight is the Maha Music Festival in Omaha. I wish everyone in attendance a safe and enjoyable time at the festival. It's a great way to showcase Omaha's exceptional music scene, bring great entertainment to Omaha, and drive economic growth" - Congressman Brad Ashford

"Thank you for putting on this great event. My wife and I moved from Omaha a couple years ago to Minnesota, but still use Maha as our excuse to come back and see friends. I love everything Maha stands for and is all about." - 2016 Attendee

"Weitz Investment Management began supporting Maha in the very first year. I was really intrigued by the idea of having a local music festival, and having an organization that was working to support other community organizations… It's a different crowd than other things that Weitz typically supports, so I think it's great that it reaches a broader audience." - Katie Weitz, Weitz Investment Management

Maha is a chance to bring music to Omaha, not as a fad or in a hokey, cliched Midwestern way, but in a way that makes the city vital and relevant. - Maha Music Festival Board Member