The Literacy Center educates over 500 adult students from the metro area, with the support of 130 community volunteers, through classroom instruction and tutoring in basic reading, English as a second language and GED.
We continue to provide free services to help adults improve their educational abilities so they can read to their children, read doctor's instructions, and use a computer at work.
It's more than learning how to read a book, it is learning for economic self-sufficiency.
Sixteen percent of adults in the Omaha area are illiterate. This means they struggle getting through the day because they can't read well enough to fill out a job application or help their children with homework. At the Literacy Center, we are strive to not only improve literacy but also job readiness and financial skills. We are committed to empowering adults and families by helping them acquire the literacy skills and practices to be active and contributing members of their communities.

The Literacy Center facilitates 99 classes each week at seven locations throughout the Omaha metro area. We work with each individual student to help them set and achieve their education and employment goals. We support small classroom instruction and incorporate new programming in ESL to meet the demands of immigrants and refugees. The GED program helps students earn their diploma so they can get a better job, apply for training in a trade, or continue their education. We emphasize and integrate technology literacy into the classroom because technology is a part of our daily lives from banking to applying for a job.
Numayr had her first child at 16 and now has 4 beautiful children that all finished high school. Numayr attended the Literacy Center for over two years in order to pass the GED math test. She passed this last December and now she's going to enroll in the culinary program at Metro Community College - she loves cooking foods from all over the world and can't wait to get started. She hopes to open a restaurant someday. She will tell you "It was important to have a place like the Literacy Center because they helped me get my GED, but more importantly it helped me finish what I should have done a long time ago."