We don't need easy, we just need possible! And we all have to "Gotta Be Me", because everyone else is taken. We are a shining light of All Abilities Programming that provides a place where all can grow, learn, and be happier and healthier. We invite everyone within a family who would like to participate side by side together. We promote the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into our communities, creating a culture that is brimming with life, dignity, and growth.

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Address: 5108 Pine Street
Omaha , NE 68106
We don't need easy, we just need possible!

With the help of Omaha Gives! And the entire Omaha Metro community Gotta Be Me, Inc. is excited to be establishing our home base and continuing to expand our programs for children and young adults with disabilities.

With your help we continue to raise funds to expand our capacity and move forward.

Current programs include: The Gotta Be Me Heartlight Choir, which is made up of all abilities participants who come together every week to sing, sign and share the joy of music in preparation for performing community concerts and theatrical productions.

Gotta Have Arts, a weekly initiative to make creative art in various mediums with instruction from local artists to learn about art, grow as artists and then explore becoming paid artists at local venues as well as GBM, Inc. independent shows and sales. This opportunity provides first time earners to have more financial options all within art vocations.
This year we are working on art based programming exploring being an artist as a vocation while becoming a more independent young adult.

Dance and Movement, with instruction from local artists we are learning how all abilities can move to the beat of our own drum, learn to stretch and move to music, melody and in theatrical avenues.

Communities Outings, heading out to a local ball game, taking in a new movie, trying new kinds of pizza, playing bingo and other games we are venturing out into our community and partnering with other organizations to explore our city, meet new people and make new friends.

We are moving toward providing unique day programs for young adults who have aged out of high school so they may continue to learn and grow in, as we call it, "The University of Life". You will see us out in the community. This will begin this summer as day time programs are being piloted.

We impact each other every day by simply being ourselves and sharing ourselves with others. Gotta Be Me, Inc. provides opportunities and options for everyone - regardless of the way you get around town or if you graduated from an adaptive curriculum classroom or not.

After all, we all have to "Gotta Be Me" because everyone else is taken. :)

"My son feels like he fits right in. I love it. He loves it. I've seen so much progress in him in such a short time. There's so much JOY here!!!"
----- Carol also known as R's mom

"Wow what a change this year in GBM, Inc. New programs, fabulous artist instructors and the chance to explore being an artist in our community. We could not be more excited, thrilled and impressed with all the new programs. Can't wait to see what the future brings for my family and everyone of all abilities in our community.
---- The parent/guardian of one of GBM, Inc. new artists

"This is a place where we can be who we are and be loved for being just that. This has been a blessing not only for Zoey but a place where Kennedy can love unconditionally. It's a place of love, fun, sharing ideas and one of the best things to happen to us.
----- Crystal, also known as, Zoey and Kennedy's mom

"I was introduced to GBM, Inc. as my daughter was struggling with life and this has been the best thing for her. It has given her a little self respect to that that she can and no one will judge her. I find it nice to talk with other families that hove our same situations or difficulties. At times I felt like I was alone but now it makes quite a bit easier to speak and deal with everyday life.
----- A parent of a GBM, Inc. participant

"The community needs to know that there isn't enough of this out there for our kids.
We are the minority.
If it wasn't for this my kid wouldn't have "normal" things to do in life."
-----Annie, also known as Zach's mom

"I continually financially support Gotta Be Me, Inc. because all they do is celebrate everyone just as they were made to be!"
----- Anonymous donor

"Ryan and I heard about GBM, Inc. a little over a year and half ago. It has been a blessing in Ryan's life. He speaks about the group continuously and enjoys singing, dancing and having a great time having an opportunity to meet new people he can call his friends."
----- MH

"The GBM Heartlight Choir is THE bright spot in our week. This is a wonderful blessing to my entire family!"
----- Jane, also known as, Cory's mom

"The day I was handed a flier about this I said to Nidal "Let's give it a try! and we have not stopped coming since - which is more than a year now. Thank you for giving Nidal the opportunity to shine and make new friends. Also, thank you for welcoming not just Nidal but Nidal AND his family. God Bless You All of including everyone."
----- Graciela, also known as, Nidal's mom

"The best part of the Heartlight Choir is the love and joy that permeate the room throughout each weekly rehearsal. New singers are welcomed with smiles and hugs and immediately greeted by parents, participants and volunteers. Miss M has an almost magical ability to make newcomers feel comfortable and relieve their stress. It doesn't matter how they sing. It doesn't matter if they are nonverbal and literally can't sing. All you need is a love of music and an openness to experience the joy emanating from this group as they express themselves however they can. Some parents participate and sing along. Others gather for the company of sharing our successes and struggles of the week while the others sing. For our daughter who adores singing, she has missed both school and church choirs since she aged out at 18 in 2013. Monday nights have become her favorite night of the week. And if I tease her that I don't feel like going she lets me know what for..so we always go. I can't encourage others enough, parents or caregivers or volunteers who just want to help, to come check us out. Then I dare you to try and stay away!"
-----Jean, also known as Catherine's mom