LIFEhouse Partnership

We are a growing, faith based, client-centered Food Pantry & Diaper Bank in West Omaha. Providing dignity and love with every interaction. Our Mission Statement is, "Loving and Impacting Families with the Truth of Christ." We were founded in 2014 by Prairie Lane Church and Westwood Church. We became our own non-profit organization in September of 2015.

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Address: 11806 Prairie Lane Dr
Omaha, NE 68144
In 2017, we provided over 50,000 meals and 43,000 diapers! We are growing fast and are looking forward to providing more meals and diapers to families in our community in 2018.

Food Insecurity: The lack of stable access to enough food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many times the result is having to choose between buying food and paying for other necessities. We are one of few Food Pantries Located in the Millard area. We uniquely sit on the border of three school districts: Omaha Public Schools, Millard Public Schools and Westside Community Schools. We are a client choice pantry and pride ourselves in offering a balanced meal plan. We provide an average of 15 meals per individual per month.

Diaper Need: The lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy. We are the only Diaper Bank in Nebraska and there aren't any federal programs that address diaper need. This brings us clients from all over the city and some from Iowa. We provide 60-70 diapers per child per month (1-2 week supply).

Outside of our Food Pantry & Diaper Bank, we have four outreach events throughout the year.
1.) Stocking Stuffer Store (December)
2.) Morning for Moms (March)
3.) School Supply Giveaway (July)
4.) Winter Coat Giveaway/Exchange (October/November)
" I have been coming to LIFEhouse Partnership for quite a while. I began coming because i needed help with diapers and food. But, this isn't like any other pantry. Other pantries that i have gone to i had dreaded. You give your info and you become just another number in the system. NOT at LIFEhouse. At LIFEhouse they share a love for Jesus and in that, they love on you, treat you humanely, and have open hearts. There were times that my health wasn't the greatest and my friends lives were not in order, and having someone there to take prayer requests was amazing. You may only go to LIFEhouse for a pantry, but you leave feeling loved, blessed and part of a "family"."

"I love going on Saturdays and have taken family members with me too. Amazing people here and all of them have huge hearts."