The DC West Robotics team is a growing STEM-based robotics organization that has officially been around for 3 years. Formally, the NRAI (National Robotics Academy, Inc), we went all in with the DC West Community Schools and have had much success! We primarily use the VEX robotics platform. In our second official year, we have a two-year World Qualifying HS team (8675A- Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0) and a US Open (National) MS Champion (5233D - Falcon Mobil).

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Address: 401 S. Pine St.
Valley, NE 68064
We impact a group of students that are often over-looked, the kids that are not athletes. Now, we also attract many athletes as well, but we definitely gather many students who do not have a niche yet are looking for a challenge that is not sports related.

We have implemented STEAM classes in the HS and MS this school year and have had many success stories due to that implementation.

We also implemented a 4th and 5th grade program this year.

Also, since we last were on this site, we went to China and were able to compete in Beijing against some of the best teams in the world...and WON!