Nebraskans for Civic Reform

Civic Nebraska works to create a more modern and robust democracy for all Nebraskans through youth civic leadership programs in K-12 schools, civic health initiatives in communities across the state, and ensuring our elections are modern and accessible to all.

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Address: 6001 Dodge Street Barbara Weitz CEC #117.10, UNO
Omaha, NE 68182
We work with adults, youth, organizations, and entire communities to build the civic infrastructure of the state. We run civic health and neighborhood-based leadership and engagement programs across Nebraska. We build youth civic leadership initiatives in K-12 classrooms and after-school clubs, and we administer five entire after-school programs that embed service learning in all aspects of curriculum.

Once Nebraskans are engaged in their democracy, we ensure that our elections are accessible, non-partisan and modern through non-partisan election observation, research, advocacy, and litigation.

A modern and robust democracy does not build itself. It takes hard work and dedicated community leaders. It starts on our streets, in our schools, and neighborhoods, and that is where you will find Civic Nebraska.