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Feline Friendz in Nebraska was founded in 2002 and is a 501(c)3 cat rescue organization. Our organization is made up entirely of dedicated volunteers. We work to control the stray and feral cat population by the humane method of Trap Neuter and Return (TNR). Feline Friendz works with several veterinarians in the Omaha Community to offer low cost spay and neuter of cats.

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Address: P.O. Box 641818
Omaha, NE 68164
Feline Friendz works with Alley Cat Allies, the organization that is the leading advocate promoting Trap Neuter and Return around the United States. In addition, Feline Friendz is an original member of the Nebraska Rescue Council.

Through donations and grants, we try to arrange spaying and neutering of cats for those people who cannot afford to have it done.

We also rescue orphaned kittens and foster them until they are ready to be adopted. All kittens and cats in our care receive full veterinary care including spay or neuter, all vaccinations, and testing for feline leukemia and FIV infection. These cats are loved and cared for until they have been adopted.

Feline Friendz has worked to change city ordinances in Omaha and the surrounding metropolitan areas. We helped change the ordinances in Omaha and Bellevue to allow feral cat caretakers to trap neuter and return feral or stray cats and feed these cats without breaking the law. We are working to change ordinances in La Vista and in Louisville. Volunteers from Feline Friendz assisted residents from these communities by attending and speaking out in favor of Trap Neuter and Return ordinances at various city council meeting.

In 2017 Feline Friendz arranged for the spaying or neutering of 931 cats, and from year 2008 to 2017 we arranged for the spay or neuter of 6542 cats. A portion of these cats spay or neuters were paid for by donations and grants. The balance was paid for by individuals who support the concept of spaying or neutering cats that they care for.

Cats that enter into our foster care program are examined by a veterinarian and receive medical treatment when required. For example in 2014 and again in 2017, Feline Friendz rescued three cats that all required eye surgery and were placed in foster care. In 2015, we rescued a cat that appeared to be a 10 month old kitten because she was so under nourished and dehydrated. Upon examination by a veterinarian, it was determined she was about 3 years old, had frost bite to both ears, and had a dislocated hip that required corrective surgery. Today she is living in her new forever home, where she is loved and will never have to search the streets of Omaha looking for food and shelter. We also assisted a cat that was the sole animal survivor in a house fire near Ponca Hills. Feline Friendz arranged for this cat to be treated at the Urgent Pet Care (emergency clinic) and American Animal Hospital until it had recovered from smoke inhalation. This cat has fully recovered and was return to her owners. In 2016, we rescued an abandoned kitten at 4 days of age and was tube and bottle fed. As she grew older, it became apparent that she had Cerebral Hyperplasia a disease that affects the motor of cats and she also has seizures requiring daily medication. A second cat rescued also has Cerebral Hyperplasia in addition to intestinal issues that were determined by blood work and ultra sound analysis. He requires a special diet and will require additional lab work to analyze his progress.

Feline Friendz has an adoption process that screens potential adopters, to ensure that the cat and the adopter are a right fit. All of the kittens and cats live in foster homes until they adopted into their forever homes.

"If I didn't already have nothing but amazing things to say about Feline Friendz, then I certainly do now, this organization does so much in our community and you're just an amazing organization all around, I recommend all my friends go through you guys because you're so wonderful. We had an apartment fire last week two floors below us and the boys are ok, we covered their mouths and we ran like hell, luckily our apartment only suffered smoke damage. Larry, our kitties foster Dad, who I like to refer to as Papa Larry when I talk to my kitties, jumped right in and helped me immensely to make sure the boys were ok and got the help they needed. If you're even for a second wondering if you should adopt through Feline Friendz, let me tell you it will be the best decision you ever made in your life, they love this kitty's as if they were their own, they are well taken care of and even after they have been adopted they are always there for you. Thank you guys for all that you do, I am so beyond grateful for all of you, Arnold and Abner are my life and my heart and because of you I can rest easy knowing they are ok. Vet says their breathing is perfectly normal and they seem to have escaped with no smoke inhalation which is a huge blessing, they should be able to come home tomorrow ❤️❤️❤️❤️thank you again for being amazing wonderful human beings, the boys and I are forever grateful." Heather - Abner & Arnold's mom

"Since our first cats showed up, we have trapped too many to count. Some of them were feral which is a cat that was domesticated and somehow returned to the wild, or the descendant of such an animal. Through Feline Friendz and their sponsors the feral or wild cats were TNR'd (trap, neutered and released) back into the neighborhood they came from. They could not be adopted out as a family cat. We continued to put out shelter, food and water for them if they returned to our property. This process is so important to keep feral populations of cats down.
In addition to feral cats we have had dozens of domesticated and friendly cats and kittens we have trapped or found. Through Feline Friendz, their sponsors, supporters and contributions from the community, we volunteered and helped get these cats check-ups, vaccinations, neutered or spayed and ready for adoption in loving homes in the community. We have given our time and space in our home to foster most of these cats and get them ready for adoption, and love every minute of it! It is such rewarding work.
Some of the cats required further urgent care. One kitty named Gracie lost an eye to an infection she suffered and found a very loving Mommy to give her a forever home! Another feral cat had a badly broken leg, so received care which involved amputation.
We have also enjoyed experiencing Feline Friendz working to find out if any of the cats we have found actually were part of someone's family in our vicinity. They posted pictures of cats in our care throughout the city and 2 of those we found were reunited with their families. Such great success stories!
We most recently were asked to foster a mommy kitty named Ella who was found on the streets of Elkhorn and really pregnant around Christmas time. We took her in and cared for her and her babies until they were ready for adoption. They were vaccinated, neutered, spayed and all 5 of them found extremely loving homes through the volunteer efforts of Felize Friendz. My husband and I recently adopted mama Ella and she is now forever a part of our home and family. We have adopted 3 of our 5 cats through Feline Friendz and thank them daily for all of their tireless efforts to save, catch, trap, care for, foster and adopt out cats in multiple communities. Without the support of volunteers, sponsors, grants and contributions, little of their beautiful efforts could be possible.
It has been a heart-felt pleasure to support and volunteer with Feline Friendz. We are blessed for our loving cats in our lives.
This is how we became actively involved in volunteering with and supporting through donations this wonderful volunteer organization!" ---Michelle Hinchcliff

"A little over a year ago a photo of a Siamese kitten caught my eye in my Facebook newsfeed. His face reminded me a bit of my old kitty. The photo was posted by Feline Friendz in Nebraska. I clicked on the kitten's photo to find out more about him. They were calling him Si. He had been found outside in the freezing cold, weighing only two pounds and near death. I thought, this kitty belongs in our family, but I couldn't articulate that thought since I already had three cats and certainly didn't need four. But I followed his progress on Facebook as updates and new photos were posted. Finally, one day they posted that Si would be available for adoption and would be at Petco that Saturday. I thought, well, it wouldn't hurt to look and to meet him. Three times I almost turned around and went home because I certainly didn't need another cat. But I kept going. When I got to Petco, I asked to see him, and Bre handed him to me. I couldn't put him down. Some children came to look at the kitties, and I let them see Si, but I couldn't put him down. Bre asked if I wanted to fill out an adoption application. I said yes. About a week later Bre brought him to my house. I had decided to call him Louis, after a character in my favorite play. Almost from the beginning Louis became best buds with my older male, Scottie. His two sisters were a little slower to warm up to him, but after a year, I noted just last night that Louis and Lucy were chasing each other and playing together throughout the house, and later, I found him curled up on the couch near his older sister Sophie. Louis is a cuddler. And he's part of my family. And I thank Bre and Feline Friendz every day for saving his life and for letting me be the lucky one who gets to see Louis every day." - Thomas Lowe