The Durham Museum

The Durham Museum is Omaha's home to history. Housed in historic Union Station, it is a place where visitors of all ages can connect to our community's past, present and future. The museum's impact is seen daily in the faces of students visiting Union Station for the first time and families in the galleries exploring their city's history together, making memories along the way. The museum is able to inspire many thanks to the interest and generosity of people like you.

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Address: 801 South 10th Street
Omaha, NE 68108
What Can You Do to Help Make History?

The Durham serves more than 50,000 students, teachers, and adults every year through field trips, tours, and other programs rooted in our community's history. Your generous support can make more of these opportunities possible, particularly for students and families who wouldn't otherwise be able to visit without a little help from their neighbors.

Your Support Helps:
• Underwrite transportation and admission for students to visit the museum
• Provide free admission for low-income families
• Offer free and discounted memberships for military families stationed locally
• Purchase supplies like chalk, glue, and McGuffy Readers for student classrooms and summer camps

Union Station, which in 2016 was designated Nebraska's newest National Historic Landmark, is currently undergoing renovations to safeguard its iconic Art Deco exterior. However, keeping Union Station in tip-top shape is an ongoing labor of love! From changing light bulbs to maintaining the soda fountain, you can help support efforts to restore, renovate, and reinvigorate Union Station's remarkable architecture.

Your Support Helps:
• Make every day repairs that keep the station humming for thousands of visitors
• Keep the lights on and the floors shining

Did you know that The Durham is home to more than one million historic photographs of Omaha and over 60,000 artifacts? These pieces of our past are an active part of the museum that showcase the history of our region, but they require ongoing care and preservation. Your support can keep the museum's online photo archive growing and help preserve other objects for future generations.

Your Support Helps:
• Digitize historic photos and make them available online
• Purchase museum-grade boxes, vellum, and other materials that keep objects safe and allow us to show them in the galleries

Gifts of all sizes are both needed and appreciated! A contribution of $10 can support the scanning of 10 historic photos, while a contribution of $300 could underwrite an entire classroom's admission and transportation to visit The Durham. Your support during Omaha Gives! will go to the area of greatest need and help the museum with all sorts of little things that make a big impact!
"I would have never had the opportunity to visit the Durham if it hadn't been for this field trip. My parents don't have a lot of money and so getting to go and see not only the trains but also the stuff about Native Americans was amazing. I am Native and I am used to not seeing my people represented in much but the Durham has so much. I will never forget getting to go. I hope lots of kids get to." - Jaxon

"I enjoy taking my father to see new exhibits every few months. It's a local place where we can still make lasting memories and where he can tell/share stories of yesteryear. The Durham is an Omaha treasure that anyone with means should support. Thanks to the great staff and volunteers for making it a wonderful experience each time we visit." Tom

"I visited the museum last summer and was thrilled to know it is in pristine condition. I remember being in the RR station when I was a teenager. I remember how it echoed everything that was said then and it still does. What a thrill after returning in over 65 years!" Louise

"This is by far one of the best field trips I have gone in my 18 years of teaching in Omaha. The staff did an excellent job presenting the information to our 4th graders. We all left thinking that our classes learned so much about Omaha and Nebraska history in one short day. The students loved it and want to return for more!" Elementary School Teacher

"I think this is one of the finest Museums in the USA! See so much history and all the exhibits are great! Just the Architecture of the Terminal is worth the trip! You don't have to be a Rail Fan to enjoy this attraction, great learning experience for all ages!"