Omaha Catholic School Consortium

The Omaha Catholic School Consortium is a collaboration of parishes, schools, parents and community partners working together to support Catholic education in southeast Omaha. The Omaha Catholic School Consortium includes five member schools - Holy Cross, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Bernadette, St. Thomas More, Sts. Peter and Paul - serving nearly 1,800 students in grades pre-school to eighth grade. Together we can achieve benefits beyond what any one school can achieve alone.

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Address: 2117 South 33rd Street
Omaha, NE 68105
The Omaha Catholic School Consortium provides academic, administrative and financial support to its member schools to ensure students have access to an exceptional education in a nurturing and culturally unique environment, where they are encouraged to explore their Catholic faith and become Disciples of Christ. We are committed to Catholic education that will thrive in our community for generations to come.

All Consortium member schools are fully accredited through the Nebraska Department of Education. We provide a blended learning environment, which means we combine traditional classroom instruction with computer-mediated activities. Blended learning helps us reach and teach students more effectively using 21st-century technology. Technology is used to transform and improve the learning process for our students.Moreover, it provides our educators with an opportunity to collect data to help customize instruction and assessment of students based on individual needs.

Our doors are open to all denominations and we strive to make tuition affordable at our member schools and to make Catholic education available to all children. We provide every family the financial ability to choose a modern Catholic education for their children through tuition assistance programs and payment plans.

NEW for 2018-19 school year: The Consortium is thrilled to announce the Dual Language Academy, opening this Fall at St. Stanislaus Early Childhood Education Center. Now enrolling pre-school, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes, this form of instruction will bring native English and native Spanish speakers together to serve as language role models for one another, becoming bilingual and biliterate.

Your gift will make a difference by:
- Increasing tuition assistance opportunities
- Maintaining affordable tuition rates
- Offering industry-leading curriculum to prepare our students for future academic success in high school and beyond
-Dual Language Academy materials
- Enhancing the use of technology and individualized instruction
- Providing staff development opportunities to encourage professional growth and staff retention
- Providing additional resources to meet the needs of our growing schools and diverse student population
- Giving families a choice in their child's education
- Reducing the financial contributions required from our supporting parishes so they can invest in additional ministries that benefit their parish and the community

"Over the years, we have been blessed to watch our children receive an all-encompassing Catholic education at Our Lady of Lourdes. Spiritually, through Mass and classroom instruction, they are fed the rich tradition of our faith and encouraged to follow Christ's example. Academically, they have been challenged at every grade level to learn more and achieve new heights in all subject areas, even to the point of 'enrichment' programs that are offered for students that excel. Emotionally and physically, each child has grown under the care of our teaching staff, particularly as individuals because of excellent teacher to student ratios."
- Jenny Peters (Mother of 9), Our Lady of Lourdes School

"Sts. Peter and Paul helped me prepare for high school and for what is ahead for me in life. It was a place that made me feel welcome as it was like a second home to me and I will always have a special place in my heart for Sts. Peter and Paul. My advice to the students of Sts. Peter and Paul is to listen to what your teachers have to say, learn good study habits because Sts. Peter and Paul will prepare you for high school. Now at Gross High School, those study habits I learned have helped me so much."
- Diana Cortez, Sts. Peter and Paul Graduate, Class of 2014