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75 North Revitalization Corp
Seventy Five North was created to drive the redevelopment of the Highlander neighborhood located in North Omaha. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty and community deterioration by focusing on mixed-income housing, thriving schools, and neighborhood enrichment amenities.

African American Empowerment Network
The Empowerment Network is a united group of residents, leaders, and organizations working to facilitate positive change in Omaha and other cities across the country. Launched in September 2006, the Network works collectively to improve the economic condition and quality of life for African-Americans, North Omaha Residents and the Greater Omaha area. The movement is a nationally recognized approach for community engagement, collaboration, capacity-building and leadership development.

AIM is an innovative not-for-profit organization that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent community through career development and educational programs. Through these efforts, we improve thousands of lives in the Silicon Prairie.

Autism Action Partnership
Through our mission, AAP strives to improve the quality of life of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families through education, advocacy and support, thereby enabling them to be an integral part of the community. We envision that every person touched by autism in the Heartland will receive the care and support necessary to lead a fulfilling and dignified life.

Benson Area Refugee Task Force
BART serves refugees living in Omaha by offering classes in US citizenship, engaging in advocacy issues such as fair housing and hosts three free Clothes Closets per year. We also sponsor in-home meals prepared by refugee cooks under the HomeDish program.

The Bike Union Mentoring Project
The Bike Union and Coffee is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides workforce development and life skills to young adults that have been impacted by the foster care system. The Bike Union is a full service bicycle retail store/coffeehouse located at 1818 Dodge street. 100% of the revenue generated goes directly back into sustaining our organizational programming.

Black Men United
Welcome to Black Men United of Omaha. We are a grassroots organization that does advocacy (protects) and economic development (builds) work that focuses on Black men of all ages in the Omaha community. Black Men United is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of Black Men. We seek members, volunteers, donors and participants in our grassroots activities, advocacy work and as participants in our classes and programs. We encourage people of all races to get involved.

Bridge Network
To connect current resources and organizations engaged in growing community redevelopment and the workforce, who are limited to do so independently.

College Possible
College Possible helps promising students from low-income backgrounds become college graduates. Students working with our AmeriCorps coaches are four times more likely to graduate with a bachelor's degree than their low-income peers: the best results in the country. Education is often the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, creating stronger communities. Together, we can create a future for Omaha's children that is determined solely by their talent, motivation and effort, not their income.

Community Alliance
Recovery in Action. Everyday we help individuals overcome mental health challenges so they can thrive in our community. Recovery takes commitment, and every person's path toward mental health and wellness is different. We offer a range of individualized services along with supports that reach beyond traditional treatment. The hope, integrity, and respect we bring to people who struggle with mental illness and other mental health challenges is why we are a place where recovery is a reality.

Cross Training Center
Solutions to Poverty comes through work experience at the Cross Training Center. We provide hands-on job experience, vocational training & character development so people can become employed. Our students are those who have been incarcerated, homeless, involved in gangs or substance abuse, victims of human trafficking or who live in poverty for numerous other reasons. They gain working knowledge, confidence, character and skills so they can overcome barriers to employment and become successful.

Do Space
Do Space is a community technology library, a digital workshop, and an innovation playground filled with new opportunities to learn and create. We are dedicated to making technology accessible to everyone; from those who lack basic access to those embarking on advanced projects. Your gift will directly support our efforts to empower the Omaha by providing free access to technology and innovative learning experiences. Thank you!

Easterseals Nebraska
Since 1924, Easterseals Nebraska (ESN) has provided exceptional services that ensure all people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to live, learn, work, play and act. ESN's mission and vision is to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people's lives every day. ESN offers a variety of youth development, respite, vocational and other services that help Nebraskans address life's challenges and achieve personal goals.

Find Your Way Foundation
Find Your Way Foundation exists to introduce Executive Coaching and Youth Coaching services to the non-profit community targeting under-served and faith-based audiences.

Many people know Goodwill as a place to donate used clothing or household items. But did you know that Goodwill is also a place where people can go to get help with training and employment? Goodwill offers a variety of programs for individuals trying to obtain employment. We have seen the crucial role employment plays in the development of individuals in our community.