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The 712 Initiative
The 712 Initiative is aimed at improving the economic vitality in redevelopment areas through investments in built environment, activating public spaces and delivering programs that increase social engagement and healthy lifestyles. Our vision is for Council Bluffs to be a dynamic healthy community where families and businesses choose to live, work and play.

75 North Revitalization Corp
Seventy Five North was created to drive the redevelopment of the Highlander neighborhood located in North Omaha. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty and community deterioration by focusing on mixed-income housing, thriving schools, and neighborhood enrichment amenities.

Abide's mission is to revitalize the inner city one neighborhood at a time! We provide a grassroots approach that focuses on creating safer neighborhoods, stronger families, and emerging leaders. May 20th from 6:00am-10:00pm, we will be doing a live stream on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Join us every hour for new content: Q&As, kids activities, interactive hours, and special guests. You won't want to miss it!

African American Empowerment Network
The Empowerment Network works together with the residents and leaders to TRANSFORM the ECONOMIC condition and QUALITY OF LIFE of African Americans, North Omaha residents, and citizens in the Greater Omaha region. The goal is to close long-standing gaps in employment, entrepreneurship, education, housing and other quality of life factors to transform Omaha into a thriving and prosperous city, in every zip code and neighborhood. The Empowerment Network is recognized as a backbone organization.

All Communities Outreach Services
Founded in 2018, All Communities Outreach Services is a 501c3 that supports community well-being by providing Nebraska's most vulnerable families with educational, social, and therapeutic programming. We provide parenting classes, anger management services, individual and family counseling, substance abuse counseling, and social support. We also help families obtain tangible help to meet their basic needs, such as housing, food, and healthcare. Most clients are located in Douglas and Sarpy Count

We provide a variety of arts programming including art shows, theatrical shows and music and more. We also provide Famand classes in the South Omaha community. The families in the South Omaha community and other surrounding communities of the greater Omaha metro area often don't have access arts programming due to financial or language barriers. Access to arts programming can improve education engagement, civic participation, and can serve as a mitigating factor against generational poverty

Bethlehem House
Bethlehem House provides support to women who are pregnant and in crisis, enabling them to choose life for their unborn children in a family environment both during and after pregnancy. Bethlehem House provides women with a home, hope and empowerment through life-affirming services rooted in Catholic tradition.

The Big Garden
HEALTHY FOOD, KIDS, & COMMUNITIES: • We reduce hunger by increasing access to fresh garden produce through gardening • We teach people to grow, cook, and preserve their garden-fresh produce • We have started 175+ gardens in Nebraska, Kansas, and Southwest Iowa • In 2019, we worked with 50 different organizations, schools, & childcare centers that serve lower-income youth • Last summer, we reached around 900 children each week through our classes

Bountiful Harvest
Bountiful Harvest helps feed your neighbors in need! Last year we provided over 200,000 pounds of nutritious food to some 400 families. We are an agency of the Food Bank for the Heartland. Our members do all the work. We have members that just lost their jobs and need help short-term - others are physically or mentally challenged and members for life. Every dollar you donate is spent on the accumulation and distribution of food. We are all volunteers. Won't you help us help your neighbors

Civic Nebraska
WE ARE CIVIC NEBRASKA. We build young leaders; connect and empower Nebraskans to strengthen democracy; cultivate active members of society in our schools, neighborhoods, and communities; and protect your voting rights. We do this because YOU are democracy. YOU ARE CIVIC NEBRASKA.

Common Fund of the Heartland
Common Fund of the Heartland's mission is to efficiently and equitably coordinate client-focused financial assistance that measures results and empowers community agencies to provide more effective service through the use of pooled resources. Strategic Vision: A coordinated fund to effectively link clients to financial assistance to stabilize housing in our community.

Community Justice Center
The Community Justice Center provides unique evidence-based Victim Impact/Empathy Life Skills programming facilitated by Forensic Peers in a Restorative Justice environment that inspires offenders and helps participants understand whom their victims are and the extent of the harm they caused their victims and communities. We utilize a Restorative Justice Intervention to reduce recidivism for better, safer, and more restorative communities while elevating victim's voices and improving lives.

Dundee Community Garden
Dundee Community Garden (DCG), at 4902 Underwood Ave., provides neighborhood gardening space which enables people to grow their own fresh produce, herbs, and flowers; donates fresh produce to low-income neighbors; and provides areas where neighbors can pick their own produce: all critical needs during a pandemic. In 2020, donations to DCG are earmarked towards maintaining our iconic entranceway, which needs significant work to maintain its structural integrity.

Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership
The mission of ENCAP is to reduce the power of poverty in Eastern Nebraska through direct service and results-driven partnerships. Established in 1965, ENCAP is a non-profit community organization with offices located in the heart of North Omaha, and Bellevue, NE. As a Community Action Agency, ENCAP is responsible for providing programming that meets community needs, and responds to the voices of the low-income community.

Edward & Willa Kelly Community Collaborative, Inc.
Our goal is to provide a safe caring environment in which men suffering from mental illness learn to make healthy choices.