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Heart For Heartland
by Amanda Dotzler
People who know me continually hear me speaking of and for Camp Quality Heartland. I pour my Heart into this organization, and I love every minute of it. Let me tell you why I truly have a Heart for Camp Quality Heartland. At a very young age, my brother Drew was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was too young to understand what that meant exactly, but not to young to see the toll that it took on him, my family, and myself. However, that diagnosis provided us with the unique opportunity to attend Camp Quality Heartland, a camp for children who have been diagnosed with cancer AND their siblings. It seems so small, that word "AND" but for me, back then, it was everything. You see, for us siblings, even the most well meaning of people often would overlook us. Instead of "Hey, how's it going" it would be "How's Drew doing". I understand it now as an adult, but as a kid that was hard, and lets face it, a little irritating (haha). There were other opportunities for him as well being the "cancer kid" that us siblings got left out of - so that simple "AND" was one of the most important things for me. I LOVED this camp. I had my own companion - someone there just for me. People who greatly impacted my life and that I'm still in contact with today. And some of my best friends and best memories were made at this camp. The highlight of my summers. I spent 12 years as a camper, and now I'm going on my 12th year as a volunteer. I want to be that impact for other kiddos who are just like I was. It means so much to me to be able to do my part to make sure this organization will always be around for families just like mine.
Goal: $500.00
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Support East Pottawattamie's EDUCATION efforts to teach the area about conservation!!
by Jessica Luke
Goal: $500.00
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The Naturalist School Autumn/Winter
by Jack Phillips
The Naturalist School teaches people to become better naturalists, nature writers, wild philosophers, ecological activists, and enlightened planters through consilience of science and the humanities. We meet in native woodlands, savannas, wetlands, and prairies in small groups with ecologists, artists, writers, philosophers, and biologists. We offer our workshops in nature centers and preserves throughout North America, but our home is in Iowa's Loess Hills and watersheds of the Missouri, Platte, and Nishnabotna rivers. We also offer ecological consulting for nonprofit conservation agencies, environmental groups, and homeowners. Visit www.thenaturalistschool.org and join us in the bush!
Goal: $2,500.00
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GHS Class of 1999
by Molly Nolte
Let's go class of 1999! We can beat our number of donors in the alumni giving challenge from last year!
Goal: $5,000.00
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Sarah's Cheer Page for IPL
by Sarah Keeney
Institute for Public Leadership (IPL) provides leadership development, skills training, research and organizing support to people from diverse faith traditions, racial and ethnic origins, and socio-economic backgrounds from across the Omaha metropolitan area so they can be effective agents of positive change in their communities. IPL provides training and support to refugees from Asia and Africa, immigrants from Latin America, parents of children in public schools; and to leaders of congregations and community organizations affiliated with Omaha Together One Community (OTOC). This "Cheer Page" is to raise funds for IPL during the annual "Omaha Gives" Campaign!!
Goal: $1,000.00
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Pikes Peak Live Forward Weekend 2020
by Tom Everson
14th Annual Pikes Peak Weekend AUGUST 20th-23rd, 2020 marks the weekend of our 14th Annual Live Forward!® Run to Remember as part of the official Trail Run up Pikes Peak in Colorado. Our Live Forward!® team will run either the Pikes Peak Ascent August 22nd or the Pikes Peak Marathon August 23rd in honor of over 160 loved ones whose families have connected with our mission due to a traffic-related death. We carry their names on the back of our shirts. Several runners represent these families directly. Several dozen members of these families will gather on Pikes Peak, a beautiful place, to greet our runners, share stories and make memories all weekend long. Your donation helps to underwrite the cost associated with bringing "Live Forward!" families together - transportation, lodging, special t-shirts tailored for each family in honor of their loved one, and much, much more. A Healing Experience Here's what Beth Norris has to say about her experience on Pikes Peak: "The best part of the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® weekend at Pikes Peak is being with all the other families who have lost a loved one in a traffic incident. We all get each other and it's the only place where we are the normal in the room. To bring other families in to that weekend, at no cost to them, to experience that weekend and the fellowship of all the families is priceless. It's a healing experience that no medical professional can provide."
Goal: $20,000.00
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American National Bank February Jeans Days
by Bri Roberts
American National Bank is proud to support the Siena Francis House for February Jeans Days. Employees have the option to wear jeans on February 14th and February 28th for a one time voluntary donation of $10. Mission Statement: The Siena Francis House welcomes, shelters and empowers individuals experiencing homelessness to navigate their own path to safe and appropriate housing
Goal: $1,000.00
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Brown Park Revitalization
by Angela Smith
Join community leaders from South Omaha, Heartland Workers Center, Omaha Community Foundation and Spark as we work to transform the public space at Brown Park, located at 15th and U Streets. Our plans include the installation of a new play structure, additional seating, improvements to the pavilion and more!
Goal: $10,000.00
1% Funded