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by Father Michael Voithofer
Thank you for considering a donation to the ministry of Ablaze for this years GIVING TUESDAY. Please take a moment to read below about why your gift is so important for the mission and work of God through Ablaze. Ablaze is now 7 years old and God has continued to grow the ministry of Ablaze. We travel all over to church communities and schools to help people of all ages to encounter the person and power of the Holy Spirit. It is my experience, as a priest, that it is impossible to live Christianity without fostering daily encounters with the person and power of the Holy Spirit! Christianity is supernatural and souls must be filled with the supernatural power of God in order to be HIS witnesses unto the ends of the Earth. We cannot be his disciples until we are cloth from on high with the power of the Holy Spirit. During my first year of priesthood, God inspired me to start the ministry of Ablaze through a personal encounter that I had with the Holy Spirit. Ablaze is not merely an event, but Ablaze is a lifestyle! It is our mission to introduce people to this NEW LIFE IN THE SPIRIT! It is our mission to help people of all ages to have daily encounters with the person and power of the Holy Spirit! When souls are set Ablaze by the Holy Spirit, they impact generations to come. By donating to the mission of Ablaze, you are donating to a ministry that is seeking generational impact. It is our vision to Build the Culture of Pentecost on Earth as it is in Heaven by helping people to daily encounters the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Ablaze is a non-profit ministry that depends upon your prayerful support and financial giving. Ablaze owns 40 acres of land and we are currently in the design phase for the 'Ablaze House of Prayer and Ministry Equipping Center' which is a $1.5 million dollar project. We have currently raised $525,000 for this project and we are asking for your continued help in reaching our goal. The new Ablaze center will be a place for families, friends, and church communities to gather together in prayer, praise, worship, fellowship and study. In Acts 2:31 it says, "When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in ONE PLACE.This new center will be devoted to helping introduce people to the transforming supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and Ablaze will support these people as they are awakened to a new found Life in the Spirit! In Acts 2:38-39, "Peter said to them, "Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the GIFT of the HOLY SPIRIT. For the PROMISE is for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN and for ALL who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself.""
Goal: $10,000.00
0% Funded

Christmas at Children's Square
by Kelsey Stupfell
For the eighth year in a row, we are excited to be working with Children's Square to provide a Merry Christmas for the children staying there. Please help us bless each child with a gift, hand delivered by Mr. and Mrs. Claus (our very own Brandon Green and Moriah Bees) and their elves. With the help of employees we will donate over 45 gifts this year. This annual event was derived from the personal experience of TS Bank's CEO, Josh Guttau and his wife, Shelly, and their oldest daughter, Shianne, who they adopted at the age of 16. She stayed at Children's Square various times throughout her childhood, and such has created a special place in the hearts of the TS Bank family. We are thankful for the support and resources Children's Square provides as a temporary emergency shelter for children in our local community.
Goal: $750.00
51% Funded

American National Bank November Jeans Days
by Bri Roberts
American National Bank is proud to support Completely Kids for November Jeans Days. Employees have the option to wear jeans on November 8th and 22nd for a one time voluntary of $10. Completely KIDS educates and empowers kids and families to create a safe, healthy, successful and connected community. Completely KIDS ensures that families have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty.
Goal: $1,000.00
49% Funded

The Naturalist School Autumn/Winter
by Jack Phillips
The Naturalist School teaches people to become better naturalists, nature writers, wild philosophers, ecological activists, and enlightened planters through consilience of science and the humanities. We meet in native woodlands, savannas, wetlands, and prairies in small groups with ecologists, artists, writers, philosophers, and biologists. We offer our workshops in nature centers and preserves throughout North America, but our home is in Iowa's Loess Hills and watersheds of the Missouri, Platte, and Nishnabotna rivers. We also offer ecological consulting for nonprofit conservation agencies, environmental groups, and homeowners. Visit www.thenaturalistschool.org and join us in the bush!
Goal: $2,500.00
15% Funded