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Ablaze Worship Ministry
by Fr. Michael Voithofer
This Mission of Ablaze is to invite people of all ages to enter into a spirit of praise, worship, and adoration of God Almighty. Ablaze has recently purchased 40 acres of land and we are now planning the development of this land. The first phase will be to building a formation hub that will be dedicated to raising up and support leaders who will bring Life in the Holy Spirit into their homes, families, workplaces, and world. Our Mission is Jesus' Desires from Luke 12:49: "I have come to cast fire upon the Earth and how I wish it were already blazing!"
Goal: $150,000.00
1% Funded

American National Bank July Jeans Days
by Bri Roberts
American National Bank is proud to support Banisters's Leadership Academy for July Jeans Days.

Mission Statement: Strengthening youth and their families through empowerment, enrichment and extended academic success.

Employees have two options:
1. Four Fridays for $15: July 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th
2. Any of the two Fridays for $10
Goal: $1,000.00
80% Funded

Please help expand the kingdom of God to every corner of the University of Omaha
by Veronica Estevez
The approach of Intervarsity is to encourage students and faculty to study and apply the Bible in academics and every area of life. Teach diverse communities on campus to grow in love for God through prayer and worship. Train students in thoughtful Bible, discipleship, evangelism, and stewardship, preparing quality leaders for a lifetime of work and service.
Goal: $500.00
0% Funded

Clean Water in Support of Life
by Mark Zimmer
Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity has agreed to accompany our partners in Huehuetenango, Guatemala as they expand their water action in favor of life, to four new parishes. In order to do this, we have agreed to raise the funds to construct 300 home filter systems for families in each parish. The filters will be sold to families over time, with the proceeds going to purchase more filters for subsequent phases. Ultimately, with a start of 1,200 filters, it is possible that more than 5,000 families will have clean water in their homes, resulting in a huge improvement of the health of the community! You can participate in this effort through your donation to Ixim: Spirit of Solidarity.
Goal: $24,000.00
1% Funded

In Memory of Timothy Jay Hill
by Tamara Teacher
Tim was 12 years old walking to middle school on October 26, 2005. We received a call no parent should ever receive that morning. He had been hit by a car. On December 17, 2005 he gained his angel wings. I am doing the Pikes Peak Ascent (half marathon) on August 18th in memory of Tim and all the other loved ones who have died in a traffic related incident. We will make our way to the top of the summit with the names of the loved ones on the back of our shirts, share stories and support each other. This has been a goal of mine for the last 6 years. I finally earned my qualifying time last year. Please help me reach my goal of raising at least $500. This money will help cover expenses so that me, the other 16+ runners (from Keep Kids Alive Drive 25) and the families can attend this meaningful weekend. Thank you for supporting me in this journey.
Goal: $500.00
47% Funded

Ashley Mae..
by Karen Steffan
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is near and dear to my Heart... ...It was the most horrific event for a family to go through, losing a child. My 17 year old daughter was hit and killed by a speeding teenager, while she was waiting for her school bus at the end of her driveway. The driver was going 56 mph on a 25 mph road. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is a non profit organization to help get education and the word out about how to save kids lives. Every August in Colorado , a team of runners takes on the Pikes Peak Ascent Trail Race to honor loved ones who died in traffic incidents. This year our family will join families from all over the U.S. to honor and celebrate our loved ones, and we will be there for Ashley Mae, my daughter. Your donation goes directly to help cover the lodging, travel, and other expenses related to bringing us all together in a beautiful place to share stories and make memories - and I will share stories of loving memories made with Ashley. My boys and I are honored to travel to the summit of Pikes Peak to cheer on the runners as they cross the finish line. The runners will wear shirts with the names of loved ones who were lost to speeding, distracted, and reckless drivers. My daughter Ashley Mae Steffan is on those shirts. Any donation would be greatly appreciated , no matter how small. Thank you and much love from the Steffan Family, and my sweet angel above....
Goal: $3,000.00
5% Funded

I Run for James
by Ruthann Grant
This summer I am running 13.1 miles up Pike's Peak in Colorado to support my dear friend, Michelle, and help her honor her first husband James. He was killed by a distracted driver ten years ago in a terrible, preventable accident. Michelle tells me that running up the mountain is the perfect metaphor for her grief journey, and that she will need encouragement in the steepest places. I am moved by Michelle's bravery to bring James's memory and picture (a physical poster given to us at mile 12) across the finish line of this half marathon, so I look forward to running alongside her, listening to more stories, and being the friend she desires at the most difficult turns. I'm also excited for this run because I love new adventures and challenges, and want to live my values for my kids. I have three beautiful souls under 6 years old. I want them to grow up with empathy, passion, and resilience, and being part of this run embodies each of those traits. I also want them to grow up in a safer world, on safer streets, which leads me to share about the run's sponsoring organization: Keep Kids Alive Drive 25. KKAD25 is doing all they can to spread best safety practices and campaigns on the roads. Changing communities by setting them up with better driving habits and resources on why it is so important to use slower speeds in neighborhoods. The Pike's Peak "Run to Remember" on August 18th is their annual tradition and Michelle and I will be part of their "Live Forward!" team. Please donate and help KKAD25 continue their cause of saving lives and helping families honor those who were lost to driving accidents. Thank you.
Goal: $1,000.00
14% Funded

Live Forward & Run to Remember - Keep Keeps Alive Drive 25
by Ron Eckel
The mission of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25 is to make streets safer for all who walk, cycle, play, drive, and ride. Doing so preserves lives and relationships. We live our mission by: 1) Creating campaigns to educate motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists to practice behaviors that keep everyone safe on & along roadways. 2) Supporting families who experience the death of a loved one due to a traffic incident through Live Forward! - bringing good into the world in their honor and memory. I will be personally running in the Ascent on Pikes Peak on August 18, 2018 to honor the memory of Shannon Lloyd who was abruptly killed by a vehicle while riding bicycle in front of her house at the young age of seven. Shannon's parents are Russ and Ann Lloyd who are very close friends of Pam and I. Thank you all for all the support, love, and compassion that you bring to this very special weekend through your donation.
Goal: $1,000.00
91% Funded

Erin's Trek to the Top
by Erin Everson
Greetings friends and family! This August 18th I will join the many courageous "Live Forward" runners as I tackle the Pikes Peak Ascent half marathon- a part of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25's annual "Run to Remember" - for the 2nd time. I will be running in memory of all those killed in traffic incidents and in honor and support of each of our Live Forward families. I'm looking forward to the challenge of this race as well as being with all who join us on Pikes Peak in August. Being a part of this weekend is truly a humbling and inspiring experience. I invite you to join me to help reach my goal of $500 in support of Keep Kids Alive!
Goal: $500.00
68% Funded