Rejuvenating Women provides hope and restoration to victims and survivors of human trafficking. We have the first and only long-term restoration home in the state of Nebraska for human trafficking survivors.

Rejuvenating Women is committed to developing long-lasting relationships and empower survivors of human trafficking to lead healthy, independent lives.

Rejuvenating Women is solely funded through private donations and grants.
Rejuvenating Women is a faith-based, non-­profit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to those enslaved in human trafficking. We meet each and every woman right where she is at. We are dedicated to walk alongside women who are deeply hurt and traumatized while offering an intense but loving trauma informed holistic program.

Rejuvenating Women has designed a program that utilizes paid and volunteer staff, therapists, mentors, processing groups, and psycho-educational classes to address the 10-steps of trauma recovery outlined in the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral treatment model adapted for trafficking survivors by Becca C. Johnson, PhD. While the residential program is our primary focus, Rejuvenating Women recognizes that there are many women who need and desire this type of intervention but may not qualify or choose to live at Restored Wings Home. Therefore, non-residents may apply to participate in day programming.

The non-resident survivors still benefit from all the services as women who are residents in the Restored Wings Home. These women have secured safe housing elsewhere, yet still need the support and the services the program offers through Rejuvenating Women on their path to wellness.

All of our staff and volunteers are highly equipped in the journey trafficking survivors must undergo to heal. Our Restored Wings team works directly with the women, and are trained to better understand and serve the women suffering from addiction, complex trauma and all forms of abuse. Our entire team undergoes a basic training on creating a safe and secure base for trauma survivors that also provides a high level of stability. Once a staff member or volunteer has completed the program, they can act as a mentor and take the survivors through their own Mending the Soul journey.

We assist female victims and survivors of human trafficking regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, disability, handicapped status, veteran status, marital status, or political affiliation.
4/27/17 - "Healing from extreme trauma, my healing journey has been very isolating. I have finally gotten to a place where I can handle the dynamics of relationships, in a semi-structure setting. Rejuvenating women has given me a safe enough environment to share and receive. It is giving me the confidence to believe that no matter what someone has gone through, that there are others who can identify with you. I believed I was too damaged to have anything to offer, but now I realize that EVERYONE has something to offer." - Jackie

4/3/17 - "I came to Rejuvenating Women / Shame NoMore Life Group through Julie Shrader, the founder, heart and soul, of this wonderful organization. Julie and I have known each other for many years. I started attending the Shame no more women's group on and off a few years ago and for the past year I have been attending regularly. This women's group and organization means many different things to every women that attends, such as a safe haven, a place to seek the help they need, a place to be where you are loved and not judged and know that what is discussed never goes any further then the room you are in. For me it is a couple of hours a week where I can go and join women who accept a person as they are. This morning I read in my devotional that we live in a system that ranks the value of a human by the figures of his salary or the shape of her legs, not so at Rejuvenating Women, not so by God. Proverbs 16:9 says, 'A man's heart plans his way - But the Lord plans his steps.' - I am so blessed that God led me to Rejuvenating Women/ Shame Nomore...Feeling thankful." - Joyce Smith.

3/29/17 - "Hi, I've recently started a business called Candles for Dignity based in Sydney, Australia. We're donating $2 from every candle sold to a charity fighting human trafficking/sex slavery/domestic violence at the end of each month.
This month we've chosen Rejuvenating Women because we love what you have done and are doing to stop human trafficking in the larger world. Just wanted to let you know before the end of the month so you're aware how far your impact is traveling. God bless." - Ebony Thornton