Unity of Omaha

Unity emphasizes the practical, everyday application of spiritual principles to help people live more abundant and meaningful lives. Unity is an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God. It helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose. Unity affirms the power of prayer and helps people experience a stronger connection with God every day.

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Address: 3424 N. 90th Street
Omaha, NE 68134
Sunday Services held at 10:30 AM

Vision Statement: "Centered in Divine Love, we celebrate Oneness that resonates with all"

Mission Statement: "We are a vibrant spiritual community living in gratitude. We show up with open hearts and minds to empower conscious evolution"

Five Basic Unity Principles
1.God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.
2.We are spiritual beings, created in God's image. The spirit of God lives within each person; therefore, all people are inherently good.
3.We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.
4.There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our awareness of God.
5.Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them.